"To get to a woman's heart, a man must first use his own"

4 mar. 2010

Foundation Tips

One of the first makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the the right foundation. It could be the difference between looking as if you have naturally flawless skin or as if you are wearing a mask.

When you are dealing with the weather – it can be really, really difficult for you to actually determine what makeup is going to be great and match with the weather. One of the first things that you should do before you ever leave your home is check the weather online – that way, you know how you should use your makeup and what products to use.

Remember: if it is going to rain, you always want to make sure that you are going to stay away from liquid foundation. The reason for that is because liquid foundation actually can ‘melt’ off of your face and does not last as long as non-liquid foundation.

Most women have yellow-based skin. They include most Caucasians and all Asian, Latin and African women. To get that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base.

Foundation For Teens

Foundation is not necessary for teens. If teens prefer then choose a foundation to match your skin tone. Using the right foundation makes your skin look flawless and smooth. Choose the shade closest to your skin tone by testing it on your jaw line. The correct shade will look natural when compared with your neck. Lightly moisturize face and neck, using an anti-shine product on your T-zone if it is oily then apply small dots of foundation.