"To get to a woman's heart, a man must first use his own"

4 mar. 2010

Spring 2010 Make Up

The Spring 2010 makeup trends are bursting with color! From Bold Corals to Pretty Pinks, Lilacs and Turquoise. Remember our makeup looks should never be dull this season.

• Shadows
Pinks are popular, but you already know that don't you. There are some great pinky purple and blue lavenders to check out as well. Lighten up your eyes with these new shades.

• Mascara
There is a great new mascara from L'Oreal. One end fortifies and lengthens the lashes and the other end coats the lashes with lush color. And when they say that is makes your lashes 60% longer, you definitely should try it!

• Foundation
Most women have yellow-based skin. They include most Caucasians and all Asian, Latin and African women. To get that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base.

• Blush
Although there are some gorgeous pink blushes on the market, most women can't always wear this color. But you can wear a mixture of pink and peach. For some reason, those two colors warm up my complexion perfectly. Try mixing the shades that you have and see how it works for you.

• Lipstick
All kinds of pinks are waiting for you at the cosmetic counters, but again, it's finding the right shade. Here is a little trick that I found to work every time. Look for a pink that is included in the Gifts With Purchase campaigns that major companies offer regularly. They choose the cosmetics for these GWP very carefully. They can't afford for you not to like the colors they include, so they always add one that will work with most skin tones.

• Nail Color
Purple is at the front of the color choices available, you won't believe how many purple variations there are to choose from. Paler shades are also going to be very popular for your toes this summer.

Foundation Tips

One of the first makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the the right foundation. It could be the difference between looking as if you have naturally flawless skin or as if you are wearing a mask.

When you are dealing with the weather – it can be really, really difficult for you to actually determine what makeup is going to be great and match with the weather. One of the first things that you should do before you ever leave your home is check the weather online – that way, you know how you should use your makeup and what products to use.

Remember: if it is going to rain, you always want to make sure that you are going to stay away from liquid foundation. The reason for that is because liquid foundation actually can ‘melt’ off of your face and does not last as long as non-liquid foundation.

Most women have yellow-based skin. They include most Caucasians and all Asian, Latin and African women. To get that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base.

Foundation For Teens

Foundation is not necessary for teens. If teens prefer then choose a foundation to match your skin tone. Using the right foundation makes your skin look flawless and smooth. Choose the shade closest to your skin tone by testing it on your jaw line. The correct shade will look natural when compared with your neck. Lightly moisturize face and neck, using an anti-shine product on your T-zone if it is oily then apply small dots of foundation.

Gold Make Up

. Gold on the eyelids make the eyes pop and shine. Put gold on your eyes by applying gold eye shadow to your lash line, then working up to your brow bone. After that, put on a neutral matte shadow on your brow bone. If you want to go for all-out gold eyelids, dot your eyelids inner corners with gold cream, then line your lower lash line with the product. Afterwards, blend. A reminder, though: if you want to wear golden eyes, keep the rest of your face neutral.

. If you are planning on baring a little skin by going sleeveless or wearing a tube top or a low neckline, you can add a touch of warm glow on your skin by coating your skin with moisturizer, then adding a layer of fine gold powder. Take care that the powder you are putting on has particles that are really crushed finely, or else they will look like big glitters. Having big glitters on the skin is so high school, not grown-up chic.

. Putting gold blush on your cheeks puts light and life on your face. Your face will look more brilliant and alive with gold on your cheeks. To do this, simply brush on gold powder or highlighter on your regular bronzer.

Lips. A touch of gold on your lips will make it more full, plump and pouty. A gold lip gloss puts in a lot of drama on your makeup if swiped lightly over a dark shade of lipstick. Just dab the stuff on the center of your lip though, rather than coating your entire lips with it.

Remember: Whatever tone of skin that you may have, putting on a touch of gold will make it shine with warmth and glow with glamour. A touch of gold will also add character and drama to your entire look, giving you a face that no one has undoubtedly seen before.

19 feb. 2010

Haircuts 2010

Remember: "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art!"

The 2010 haircuts trends for women will then continue with the medium and long lenght looks. Different bob styles, such as the angled bob, are expected to take over the medium length looks for women. Hairstyle trends change every year and this season the new hairstyle trends are divine.

Some of these 2010 haircuts for women exhibit the use of curls. Women have many options, as it relates to curl usage. Some will choose tightly bound curls.

These hairstyles provide a type of afro appearance, with a bit of ethnic charm. Styles of this sort can be worn in an extremely short style.

They can also work well with bob looks. Pixie haircuts will continue to be a hit with women who will have the confidence and the delicate features to pull off very short pixie haircuts.

There has never been anything sexier than long silky hair that glides around the body. Straight, wavy or curly loose hairstyles look especially great on medium to long hairstyles.

With a little bit of styling the hairstyle achieved can help create a gorgeous look suitable for casual as well as formal occasions.

Tips about your face

Keep in mind that defining a facial shape can be a subjective matter!

While some people might see an oval shape in the mirror, their stylist might tell them that they have a round or even slightly squared face. Remember that you want a style that draws attention to your face.

If your face is round, you want to minimize fullness, and the most flattering styles will keep hair off your face. This will emphasize your cheekbones, jaw line and eyes. You can wear long or short hair, but it’s often advisable to add layers to create volume at the top of your head, which elongates and slims the face. Make sure hair isn't too full on the sides, as this will only serve to accentuate the roundness you’re trying to downplay.

With an oval face shape, you can go short or long, but keep your hair an even length. Too many layers create excessive volume. Oval faces tend to be on the small side, and high-volume hair can be overpowering. Long, wispy bangs are generally flattering.

If you have a long face, avoid the popular bob hairstyle, which draws attention to facial length-particularly in the chin area. Also stay away from short bangs and excess volume on top. You can create volume on the sides with a layered cut, which will produce the illusion of fullness.

But if you have a square face, don't cut your hair too short. Layers, accompanied by volume on the top and sides, soften your look. Length in the back generally works, as do bangs—as long as they’re soft and subtle.

Get Out Your Tape Measure:

1. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper.
2. Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. Write down the measurement.
3. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally the widest point will be somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Write down the measurement.
4. Measure from the tip of your headline to the bottom of your chin.

Long Hairstyle

Straight hairstyles for long hair are very popular in 2010. Remember that your hairstyle tells the world a great deal about you!

Long hairstyle makes the look more sexy and feminine. But in the long run they are difficult to maintain, take time to keep looking good, else would go to be damaged if you don’t take good care of them. It is far better to learn to love your hair the way it looks naturally.

How many times have you admired your gorgeous long tresses as they just have a certain attractiveness attached. Long hairstyles can emphasize femininity and offer plenty of diversity when it comes to hairstyling. You will never get bored of your long hair so find out different ways you can style it to look fabulous every single day.

Long hairstyles are always a great look. For those of us with long hair, it is very precious to us and hopefully most of us keep good care of it with shampoos, conditioners, and special treatments. Although it is harder to take care of than short hair, longer hair offers a variety of lengthened hairstyles to chose from. From days with long, flowing, soft tresses that gently move with the breeze of the wind to those classy dinners with your hair bundled up in a classy manner, long hair styles are just perfect ways to show off your lengthy, beautiful hair.

Curly hairstyles for long hair look amazing as curly hairstyles help create the most innocent and angelic look. This type of hairstyles are appropriate for any type of occasions and can be styled on naturally straight hair as well. Curling irons, hair rollers, perm solutions and different styling products come to help create luscious curls. Layers incorporated through this type of hair help add more definition and movement to the curls, making them appear lovely. Tight curls, loose curls, even wavy hairstyles look gorgeous on long hair, so don't hesitate to style your hair curly whenever you have the opportunity.

Hair Extensions

Remember: “Pretty is something you're born with. But beautiful, that's an equal opportunity adjective.”

Hair extensions are great to give hair instant length and thickness. There are lots of types of hair extensions, so before you get them, look into the variety of hair extensions available to make the best choice. Learn all the details on synthetic and human hair extensions, individual strand extensions and the variety of hair wefts and weaves.

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular every day. Some are very expensive hair extensions and then there are some inexpensive hair extensions.
It is recommended to let your hair dry naturally, blow dryers and especially curling irons are your hair's enemies. Synthetic hair extensions are very vulnerable to heated styling appliances, overheated straightening irons are forbidden.

The excessive use of flat and curling irons can damage the quality of extensions. Avoid burning it, remember it won't grow back.
Avoid applying hair care products to the roots, only to the tips.

Here is what you have to do to ensure that your extensions are well taken care of:
1. Wash, condition and moisturize (very important) your hair every 2 - 3 days. The extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so need to have moisture added every wash. If you don't moisturize your hair extensions they will become brittle and break easily leading to split and ratty ends. We recommend a good moisturizer for Hair Extensions.
2. Treat them with respect. They will not grow back if you yank at them with a brush, burn them with the blow dryer, kill them with chemicals. Be nice to them - they cost a lot of money so make sure you get your money's worth.
3. Always brush out all knots before you wash your hair, swim, or sleep. Start at the bottom and work your way up slowly using a paddle brush.
4. Make sure you wash in between the braids to keep your scalp clean and free of bacteria.
You can have any length you want up to about 26"-30". Any natural hair over this length is about 8 - 10 years old at the ends and as such loses quality. Also, anything longer than this puts extra weight on your scalp which may lead to uneven pressure and damage to your own hair.


-Attaching and removing them requires special training and education.
-There are no regulations or imposed standards in the human hair industry. There are many unscrupulous suppliers.
-Hair Extensions require extra work on your part to maintain and keep healthy.
-No type of hair extension is completely undetectable.

Straigh Sleek Styles

Straight Sleek with cute style

This kind of style is very simple and also cute. Every woman with straight hair can pick it up.
With a simple off center bangs on the front and the flow down locks – this style is considered to be the most simple to pull off. You can apply some styling gel at the ends to make the locks look shiny!

Straigh Sleek with wild ends style

This is a wild haircut with a sleek at crown and the top part, but having your ends of the locks run wild. It’s a very unique hairstyle, who can be mixed succesfully with different styles. You may find that a lot of women enjoy having this kind of hairstyle.

Straight Sleek with contured style

You must know this is a very unique haircut, the hair is parted to one side with box cu layers throughout the interior. You can dump the hair using a texture defining lotion and then blow dry using a broad boar bristle hairbrush to give teh layers much more texture, a little bit of definition and some shine!

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Two tone hair coloring is a new style, that has recently come up in the area of hair coloring. Two toned hair color is different from highlights. Many people think that highlights and two toned hair colors, are one and the same. The style requires that the top half of the hair to be colored using one hair color and the bottom half is done using a different hair color.

Two tone hair color looks hot as there are a variety of options you can make. The different tones of color if combined perfectly can create a gorgeous modern hairstyle perfect for your nonconformist style. Inspire yourself from the following two tone hair color ideas so you can look fabulous.

Hair Coloring Advice for Two Tone
• The most important hair coloring advice for two tone hair coloring, is by using colors of the same color family. If your try to mix and match the colors, you may end up with a hair color disaster.
• Mostly, the top half of the hair is colored using the lighter shade and the bottom half of the hair is colored in a darker shade. You can try the opposite, if you feel that it will look better
Choosing Color Shades
The main aspect of two toned color, is contrast. A dramatic effect can be created using light and dark shades, when they are paired together. Choose shades according to your skin tone, natural hair color and the color that you'll feel comfortable wearing.

There are a variety of two tone hair color ideas to choose from due to the variety of hair colors available for purchase. Women have always adored two tone hair color as they add a little bit of twist to the hairstyle making it stand out to attract attention. The color combination chosen is very important when opting for a two tone hair color as not all tones can be successfully combined to obtain a gorgeous two tone hair color.

Short Haircut

Strong reasons for short haircuts:
• Short haircut is sexy. A man will see you and your personality.
• Well-cut short hair emphasizes femininity, especially if you get chunky layers and softness cut into the style.
• Your hair looks thicker and glossier. Shorter hair looks healthier than the dull, damaged ends of longer hair. It’s a good choice for women with fine hair.
• Short hair is easy to manage. You just step into it and go.
• You can look younger. Wrinkles are emphasized by the straight lines of long hair, but the softer shape of short hair makes them less obvious.

More and more women all over the world love the short haircut for a number of different reasons. One of which is the fact that short haircuts are more comfortable particularly for women who live in tropical countries. Short haircuts are perfect during the summer season, sparing the women from fear of various problems associated with exposing long hair to the heat of the scorching summer sun. Women are also spared from possible skin allergies associated with heat, sweat and long hair that usually gets in the face or comes in contact with delicate skin.


Time. It's a real time saver, as it only takes a few minutes to wash and style. This is particularly great for those early morning rushes for work.

Versatility. You can style it, gel it, pomade it, and just about do any "it" there is with short hair. Although you are limited by the length, you can nevertheless be a trend-setter with your short hair and show off your style. It can be sleek, sexy, professional and aggressive - all at the same time! A classic.

Good for almost any occasion. Whether it's to cool down in the summer, or be more manageable for the more sporty personality, one of the great things about short hairstyles is that it can go for any occasion. It's sexy and professional enough for the office or a night out on the town, and perfectly practical and nonchalant when it comes time to go hitchhiking or play tennis.

Women with short hair usually require a trusted brand of shampoo, hair conditioner, a good hairbrush and perhaps a nice volumizing product and they are all set to strut the streets in the urban jungle and flaunt their modern short hairdo.

Get the right volume and curl

If you're looking for the perfect curls, you must know this tricks:

1. Wash your hair using a moisturizing shampoo. Follow with a hydrating conditioner.

2. On damp hair, apply a dime-size to a nickel-size dollop of gel (depending on your hair’s thickness). Start by applying a small amount at the scalp and work it through to the ends.

3. Blow-dry your hair by using a medium-size round brush. If you have long layers around your face like Liv, dry normally and brush to the side.

4. For the rest of your hair, dry hair in 2-3 inch sections. At the end of each section, intensify the heat on the hair rolled in the brush for one to two minutes, then let cool before releasing. Dry each section in this way then use a curling iron on each section of hair seperate, use volumizing shine spray.

11 feb. 2010

Eyebrow Makeup

We spend a lot of time making sure our eyebrows have that perfect shape we all desire. Sometimes eyebrow makeup is usually the forgotten product in the makeup regimen. When using the correct eyebrow product and eyebrow color, anyone can have perfect eyebrows.

You must learn how to pick the best eyebrow color and eyebrow products.

Eyebrow Pencil: The eyebrow pencil is the most common product to use on ones eyebrows. However it can look harsh, so be sure to have a sharp point for easier application. For a more natural look, use short soft strokes and remember to blend with a firm eyebrow brush.

Eyebrow Powder: Brow powder is always a matte powder with high color pigments. You can also use an eye shadow that is matte and matches your hair color. Eyebrow powder provides the most natural look. Apply with an angle eye brush and with light strokes. Blend with an eyebrow brush.

Eyebrow Gel: Brow gel comes in clear or color formulas. It is only necessary if you have unruly eyebrows. If you use the clear formula, fill in prior with an eyebrow pencil or powder and apply the gel on top.
Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the exact color you should use on your eyebrows.

How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner:

First you need a eyeliner pencil, and a pencil sharpener.
Next you must prepare the skin with a layer of foundation over the eyelids to help the eyeliner go on smoothly, although this is not essential.
Try using a silicon based eyeliner pencil as it will glide on easily and last for a long time.

Work from the inner corner of each upper eyelid and move outwards along the roots of your eyelashes with several short strokes. Smudge this first layer with a finger to soften the look and cover any thin skin on your eyelid.

Add a second line for more definition, again drawing along the roots of the upper lashes and covering the entire length of the eyelid.

Next, draw a line along the roots of the lower lashes, stopping halfway along and working from the outer corner inwards.

We all admire the eye cat look -For a ‘cat eye’ look, flick the outer corner of the eyeliner with your thumb so that it wings outwards.
Start the line in the centre of your top lid, then draw the line in little connected dashes; it's easier and avoids stretching the skin. Make the line thicker towards the outer corner of the eye.
Try to think of drawing the line on to the bottom of the lashes rather than the eyelid.
Only start the line from the inner corner of the lids if your eyes are quite large.
If your eyes droop slightly, or just for a nice effect, curl the line upwards slightly at the corner of the upper lid.

8 feb. 2010

Does beauty have a name, is it your name?

„It’s beauty that captures your attention – personality which captures your heart”

Stylists say that it’s often the little things, such as a touch of blush or of lipstick, that can make all the difference between looking plain or simply fabulous.

Eyes are the best part of every woman,they should be accented and defined!

With the help of a great make-up, they can transform the face.
It is generally claimed that "Beauty must give the sensitive beholder utmost satisfaction merely its existence". In other words beauty is what appears to. a beholder a perfect symmetry merely on a casual viewing.

Eyes are the windows to the soul!

For night eye make-up, use black eye-liner, dark mascara and white eye-shadow. This will high light your eyes by giving more definition to your eye lashes. If you do not have enough time to put eye color, mascara by itself is good enough.
For bluish or brown eyes, use black eye-liner and light blue mascara for the day time; and for evening, blue eye-liner, blue mascara and blue eye-shadow should be used. Use a clean, damp mascara wand to separate clogged lashes, and a damp cotton bud cleans blobs from surrounding skin.

Use toner on your face first and apply moisturiser, to enable better blending of foundation/concealer. Concealer is best applied after foundation - apply small dots where needed and gently pat into the skin, then wipe with a sponge to remove excess. Concealer can be applied with a sponge flusk or lip brush using the tips. If you feel a little more colour is needed add to the spots, and blend again with sponge.

The wrong colored skin foundations will make your color base pigments look either unwell or dirty. Makeup Foundations are used to provide an even skin tone, cover imperfections and give a finish to the skin. It should go on smoothly and evenly without adding shine or gloss.
If you have a dark skin stick to warm, earthy colors. Gold, bronze and maroon are in fact best for dusky skins. Cooler colors like mauve, pink and silver look better on fairer skins.Choose lipsticks with matte finish rather than frosted ones. The shades should not be too dark or too light. Medium dull shades would look best.

Eyebrows - Brush a clean mascara wand through them to diffuse the pencil tone.
Applying some tinted or flavored lip gloss will give your lips a soft and kissable look.

Use lash curlers over mascara to "open up" the eyes.
Eye Shadow Tips - Blend a dot of concealer on the centre of your lids to ease the colour.

Make sure to remove eye make-up at night. It is cleaned with baby oil. Close your eyes, apply baby oil on a cotton wool swab and scrub slowly, gently, keeping eyes closed. First clean the upper part and ends, then the lower part of the eyes, keeping your eyes open.

Eyes, cheeks and lips should all be enhanced with combinations of shimmer and matte.
Cheeks should be accented with a tawny blush and highlighted with a touch of soft golden shimmer, and lips will look wonderful in a warm shade.

Remeber that: „The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart”