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19 feb. 2010

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Two tone hair coloring is a new style, that has recently come up in the area of hair coloring. Two toned hair color is different from highlights. Many people think that highlights and two toned hair colors, are one and the same. The style requires that the top half of the hair to be colored using one hair color and the bottom half is done using a different hair color.

Two tone hair color looks hot as there are a variety of options you can make. The different tones of color if combined perfectly can create a gorgeous modern hairstyle perfect for your nonconformist style. Inspire yourself from the following two tone hair color ideas so you can look fabulous.

Hair Coloring Advice for Two Tone
• The most important hair coloring advice for two tone hair coloring, is by using colors of the same color family. If your try to mix and match the colors, you may end up with a hair color disaster.
• Mostly, the top half of the hair is colored using the lighter shade and the bottom half of the hair is colored in a darker shade. You can try the opposite, if you feel that it will look better
Choosing Color Shades
The main aspect of two toned color, is contrast. A dramatic effect can be created using light and dark shades, when they are paired together. Choose shades according to your skin tone, natural hair color and the color that you'll feel comfortable wearing.

There are a variety of two tone hair color ideas to choose from due to the variety of hair colors available for purchase. Women have always adored two tone hair color as they add a little bit of twist to the hairstyle making it stand out to attract attention. The color combination chosen is very important when opting for a two tone hair color as not all tones can be successfully combined to obtain a gorgeous two tone hair color.