"To get to a woman's heart, a man must first use his own"

19 feb. 2010

Straigh Sleek Styles

Straight Sleek with cute style

This kind of style is very simple and also cute. Every woman with straight hair can pick it up.
With a simple off center bangs on the front and the flow down locks – this style is considered to be the most simple to pull off. You can apply some styling gel at the ends to make the locks look shiny!

Straigh Sleek with wild ends style

This is a wild haircut with a sleek at crown and the top part, but having your ends of the locks run wild. It’s a very unique hairstyle, who can be mixed succesfully with different styles. You may find that a lot of women enjoy having this kind of hairstyle.

Straight Sleek with contured style

You must know this is a very unique haircut, the hair is parted to one side with box cu layers throughout the interior. You can dump the hair using a texture defining lotion and then blow dry using a broad boar bristle hairbrush to give teh layers much more texture, a little bit of definition and some shine!