"To get to a woman's heart, a man must first use his own"

8 feb. 2010

Does beauty have a name, is it your name?

„It’s beauty that captures your attention – personality which captures your heart”

Stylists say that it’s often the little things, such as a touch of blush or of lipstick, that can make all the difference between looking plain or simply fabulous.

Eyes are the best part of every woman,they should be accented and defined!

With the help of a great make-up, they can transform the face.
It is generally claimed that "Beauty must give the sensitive beholder utmost satisfaction merely its existence". In other words beauty is what appears to. a beholder a perfect symmetry merely on a casual viewing.

Eyes are the windows to the soul!

For night eye make-up, use black eye-liner, dark mascara and white eye-shadow. This will high light your eyes by giving more definition to your eye lashes. If you do not have enough time to put eye color, mascara by itself is good enough.
For bluish or brown eyes, use black eye-liner and light blue mascara for the day time; and for evening, blue eye-liner, blue mascara and blue eye-shadow should be used. Use a clean, damp mascara wand to separate clogged lashes, and a damp cotton bud cleans blobs from surrounding skin.

Use toner on your face first and apply moisturiser, to enable better blending of foundation/concealer. Concealer is best applied after foundation - apply small dots where needed and gently pat into the skin, then wipe with a sponge to remove excess. Concealer can be applied with a sponge flusk or lip brush using the tips. If you feel a little more colour is needed add to the spots, and blend again with sponge.

The wrong colored skin foundations will make your color base pigments look either unwell or dirty. Makeup Foundations are used to provide an even skin tone, cover imperfections and give a finish to the skin. It should go on smoothly and evenly without adding shine or gloss.
If you have a dark skin stick to warm, earthy colors. Gold, bronze and maroon are in fact best for dusky skins. Cooler colors like mauve, pink and silver look better on fairer skins.Choose lipsticks with matte finish rather than frosted ones. The shades should not be too dark or too light. Medium dull shades would look best.

Eyebrows - Brush a clean mascara wand through them to diffuse the pencil tone.
Applying some tinted or flavored lip gloss will give your lips a soft and kissable look.

Use lash curlers over mascara to "open up" the eyes.
Eye Shadow Tips - Blend a dot of concealer on the centre of your lids to ease the colour.

Make sure to remove eye make-up at night. It is cleaned with baby oil. Close your eyes, apply baby oil on a cotton wool swab and scrub slowly, gently, keeping eyes closed. First clean the upper part and ends, then the lower part of the eyes, keeping your eyes open.

Eyes, cheeks and lips should all be enhanced with combinations of shimmer and matte.
Cheeks should be accented with a tawny blush and highlighted with a touch of soft golden shimmer, and lips will look wonderful in a warm shade.

Remeber that: „The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart”