"To get to a woman's heart, a man must first use his own"

4 mar. 2010

Gold Make Up

. Gold on the eyelids make the eyes pop and shine. Put gold on your eyes by applying gold eye shadow to your lash line, then working up to your brow bone. After that, put on a neutral matte shadow on your brow bone. If you want to go for all-out gold eyelids, dot your eyelids inner corners with gold cream, then line your lower lash line with the product. Afterwards, blend. A reminder, though: if you want to wear golden eyes, keep the rest of your face neutral.

. If you are planning on baring a little skin by going sleeveless or wearing a tube top or a low neckline, you can add a touch of warm glow on your skin by coating your skin with moisturizer, then adding a layer of fine gold powder. Take care that the powder you are putting on has particles that are really crushed finely, or else they will look like big glitters. Having big glitters on the skin is so high school, not grown-up chic.

. Putting gold blush on your cheeks puts light and life on your face. Your face will look more brilliant and alive with gold on your cheeks. To do this, simply brush on gold powder or highlighter on your regular bronzer.

Lips. A touch of gold on your lips will make it more full, plump and pouty. A gold lip gloss puts in a lot of drama on your makeup if swiped lightly over a dark shade of lipstick. Just dab the stuff on the center of your lip though, rather than coating your entire lips with it.

Remember: Whatever tone of skin that you may have, putting on a touch of gold will make it shine with warmth and glow with glamour. A touch of gold will also add character and drama to your entire look, giving you a face that no one has undoubtedly seen before.